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Basically action sports cameras are ruling the world! I take no exception to that, and have spent my money on GoPro. Each of my videos are edited with iMovie in the beginning, and lately Adobe Premier. After effects is used for all graphics animations. This is something that I am proud of, and is also helpful in reviewing the instruction I receive.

Congrats Erick, it’s pretty downhill and review from here.

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Thanks Erick for recording your training and posting.

– YouTube Subscriber

Great video man. I love your new format.

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Erick Lizenby, Student Pilot

Well… My story starts about 17 years ago when I first took a discovery flight at an airport in Indiana. Had a couple of bad experiences during flight training, and I quit. For one reason or another (mostly money & time) I started back up again. This time I decided to document my experience with this website, and GoPro cameras. Additionally I put up a social media presence as I soon realized there are lots of student pilots out there who are looking for others with the same experiences.


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